Hair Transplant in Turkey

African American Hair Transplant in Turkey


African American Hair Transplant in Turkey

Afro American hair transplant is a common problem experienced by both men and women. Due to hair loss, the problem of sparseness or baldness occurs and this is a very disturbing situation for people. Hair loss can have many different causes. Many different reasons such as genetic factors, environmental effects, hormonal disorders, skin diseases, stress and psychological problems, wrong diet, use of wrong products can cause hair loss.

Losing more than 150 hair strands a day determines the severity of hair loss. As age increases, the frequency of hair loss also increases. Although many different methods have been tried to prevent hair loss and ensure new hair growth, these are generally inconclusive. The surest solution is usually hair transplantation.


What is African American Hair?

The curly hair of African women is called Afro African American hair is the name given to the curly hair of women who came to America from the African continent. This hair, which is bushy and curly, has recently been the favorite of many people. In general, this slow growing hair fascinates with its appearance. People with congenital hair may also experience hair loss problems.

Afro American hair loss can be the same as other hair loss reasons. However, since this hair type is difficult to maintain, the reason for shedding may also be lack of care. African American hair is generally dry and if it is not adequately moisturized, this hair may fall out. In addition, people with this hair can interfere with the hair with high-temperature straighteners. High heat can also damage the hair and cause hair loss. Tight braids on African American hair can also be one of the reasons for shedding.

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Due to the structure of Afro American hair, shedding is not very obvious at first. The fluffy hair look closes the sparseness. As time passes, the sparseness and the severity of the spill become evident. After that point, it becomes very difficult to prevent hair loss and ensure new hair growth.

How about African American Hair Transplantation?

The other procedure of Afro American hair transplantation is more difficult than the normal hair transplantation operation. Although it is difficult due to the structure of the hair, a problem-free transplant can be done by expert professionals. It is a little difficult for those with African American hair to get grafts from the donor area. The curly structure of the hair starts at the root and therefore it is difficult to remove without damaging the root and the graft. Curly hair can also cause difficulties during hair transplantation. Because African American hair grows slower than other hair, it may take longer to see results. But the results of African American hair transplantation done by expert hands will please people.

It is necessary to find a specialist and professional center for Afro American hair transplant in Turkey. Ariana Hair offers the best service to those who want to have African American hair transplantation with its experienced specialists. Ariana Hair will be the right choice for those who want to get a professional service with experienced hair transplant specialists.

How is African American Hair Transplant done in Turkey?

People of all races may experience hair loss. Although it is known that most white people lose their hair, black people face the problem of hair loss and baldness. Hair transplantation in Turkey is an approved treatment method that increases the self-confidence of people as a solution to the problem of baldness. People of African descent can benefit from this treatment as much as people of white race. African American hair follicles with more frequent and curly hair follicles, hair transplantation is an operation that is difficult to treat. Ariana Hair provides services in the treatment of African American hair transplantation in Turkey with its expert and professional staff.

What Do We Understand From African American Hair Transplantation?

The African American hair type is curlier than the hair of white people. Being curly causes certain difficulties in hair transplantation. The reason is that the curly hair strand continues under the skin. This is one of the main factors that will complicate the operation. Afro hair has a natural dryness. Therefore, it needs more moisture and oil to protect the hair. Despite all this, these hairs contain keratin protein, as in all other hairs.

There are two methods applied for African American hair transplantation. The first is the hair follicles placed in the channels opened in the scalp with the fue method. This procedure is one of the most valid and painless methods. The second is the fut method, which causes scars and scars and has a long healing process. This is a method that we generally do not prefer as Ariana Hair.It is a risky treatment method and is not recommended. In African American hair transplantation, the process begins with the examination of the hair follicle structure. Then the required number of grafts is determined. Afro hair, which has an extremely complex structure due to its curly nature, should be done by experienced and specialized hands.

Results of African American Hair Transplantation

Due to having a darker skin, redness and crusts that will occur after the treatment are observed less visible. Because it is curly, elongation takes place more slowly. It takes longer to have healthy and long hair compared to other hair types. The thickness of the hair and hair follicles facilitates better results.

Benefits of African American Hair Transplant

African American hair transplantation has a more lush appearance than other types of operated hair. Although there are grafts placed farther from the target area, newly emerged curly hair provides a fuller appearance. People whose scalp and scalp color are close are the ones with the best results from hair transplantation. When African American hair types decide to have a hair transplant, the person who will perform the treatment should definitely evaluate how much he or she has mastered the subject. It is useful to ask about the method of curly hair transplantation.

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