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After Hair Transplant

After the operation, you will be told the rules that you should pay attention to and follow.
You will be informed about the drugs you should use and how to use them.

What Not to Do After Hair Transplant

  • Sports are not recommended for a minimum of 1 month after hair transplantation.

Hair Wash

  1. In the first 10 days, your hair is washed with special solutions given to you under the control of a doctor in our clinic.
  2. For the first 10 days, you can take a shower without touching the planting area with water and shampoo.


  • For the first week, you should sleep with the sleeping pillow given to you and should not lie on the planting area.

Avoiding the Sun

It is recommended that our patients who have an operation especially in the summer months stay away from the sun. It is not appropriate to use a hat.

Sea – Pool

  • It is not recommended to enter the sea and pool for the first 3 months.


  • It is recommended to avoid sexual activities for the first 10 days.

Cigarettes and alcohol

  • Since smoking slows down blood circulation, it is recommended not to smoke in terms of healing.
  • Alcohol intake is completely prohibited for 1 month.

Hairdresser / Haircut

  • For 6 months, the transplanted area can be shaved without a haircut without hitting the machine.

Hair Growth and Shock Loss

  • Your hair will fall out completely within 1 month after transplantation. This is called shock shedding. This shedding occurs in all hair transplantation operations in order to adapt the planted roots.
  • Your new hair will come out in 2-3 months after shock loss. Hair growth of new roots takes 12 months.
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