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Hair Transplant in Turkey 2023

Hair transplant in turkey Advantages ofIf you have noticed that your hair is starting to fall out, you are not alone in this. Many men or women experience varying degrees of hair loss and this is generally due to an imbalance in hormones with age.

Turkey Hair Transplant

Especially recently, hair transplantation is carried out in Turkey through highly developed methods. After the successful results obtained, hair transplant in turkey has started to be in demand in Turkey.

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What Is Hair Transplant

The transplantation of healthy hair follicles to the areas where hair loss occurs when the hair follicle can no longer play an active role is called hair transplantation.

Hair Transplant Procedures
  • Determination of the hairline
  • Removal of hair follicles
  • Planting hair follicles in the required area

Advantages of Hair Transplantation

Hair transplant is a very successful procedure and provides precise, noticeable, permanent and natural results. The advantages of hair transplant are as follows:


It develops a successful solution in cases where no results can be obtained from other existing hair loss treatments.


t has high success rates in the treatment of hair loss seen in large areas.


Contrary to other treatments, it can be applied even in the much later stages of hair loss.


With the hair transplantation process, you will have completely natural looking hair.

What is Unshaven Hair Transplantation?

Unshaved hair transplantation is frequently used for shedding or thinning in certain areas of the head. It is the most preferred method by patients among hair transplantation methods. It is also done using the model, which is generally called American shaving. The fact that the hair of the patients is not completely shaved offers a much more natural appearance for the post-transplantation process.


With unshaven hair transplantation, it is not noticed from afar that most of the patients have hair transplantation. In this case, it helps patients to have a natural appearance. In this method, the donor hairs taken from the areas close to the nape roots of the patients are transferred to the areas where there is sparseness by microsurgery.

Hair Transplantation Methods and Post-Hair Transplantation Process

Hair is one of the most important objects of people. Self-confidence is one of the most important factors for people to love themselves and lead a happy life, especially with their appearance. Almost everyone, whether male or female, wants their hair to look beautiful. People are telling themselves about themselves by giving direction to their hair in a way that tells about their own lifestyle.


For people who care about their hair, hair transplantation is performed as a treatment method for hair loss or thinning. The high success rate in hair transplantation directs those who have baldness problems to hair transplantation. Hair transplantation methods are also developing and going much further with the developments in technology.



Although hair transplantation is a simple and painless surgical procedure, patients should be careful about the post-transplantation process in order for the transplanted hair to be healthier. In order to achieve a higher level of success in hair transplantation, patients should follow and pay attention to the instructions given by the doctors.

The Process After Hair Transplantation

Sports After Hair Transplant

The state of being able to do sports after hair transplantation is wondered by many patients. With hair transplantation, a procedure is performed on the area where the most sensitive skin of the body is. For this reason, games that can damage the scalp and hair follicles should be avoided. Doing sports after hair transplantation, especially heavy sports, causes the scalp to sweat.

Application of Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation methods have improved a lot, especially in recent years, and significant progress has been made in the field of hair transplantation.

Currently, the best method that allows you to achieve a completely realistic and natural-looking hair structure is hair transplantation treatment.

You can choose from which part of your hairline you want to start or which parts will be transplanted by talking to your doctor.

Doctors who are professionals in this field will apply a good treatment method to prevent scarring in the back of your head.

Advanced hair transplantation methods are a procedure that is applied not only on men but also on female patients.

 Many women successfully and quite naturally regain the parts of their hair that have fallen out with the hair transplant procedure. In addition, with these techniques, mustache, eyebrow, beard or sideburn transplantation can be performed in transplant analysis



How is Fue Hair Transplant Technique Applied?

Hair transplant operations include methods that contain various techniques.Each of these methods has different functions, but the common goal of all of them is to offer a definite and permanent solution method to people who have hair loss problems.


 Hair loss is one of the most common problems. This problem, which can occur in everyone, is a problem that reduces the quality of life of people.


For this reason, the number of people who have undergone hair transplantation treatment has increased considerably, especially in recent years. Hair transplantation treatment, which is applied to both men and women, is preferred slightly more in men than in women.


How is FUE Hair Transplant Technique Applied?

With the sapphire FUE technique, which is one of the hair transplantation techniques, hair transplantation procedures have become easier and painless.

 Hair transplantation process refers to the method of collecting the roots from the region where the strong and durable roots of the hair are and transplanting them to the sparse areas. Very successful results are obtained with the fue sapphire method, which emerged with the development of technologies. 

The logic in the Sapphire FUE technique is the same as the hair transplant procedure. With the help of a pen-like device with a sapphire tip, hair follicles are taken and transplanted to the required areas.

With the hair transplantation with sapphire tips, the applied area is very smooth and small micro channels are opened. 

Since the possibility of deformation of the tissues is very low with the channels opened at the micro level, the rate of crusting is also considerably reduced.
Content of Sapphire FUE Technique Used in Hair Transplantation

Fue Hair Transplant

Hair may fall out due to some factors. These factors manifest themselves in the form of genetic factors, seasonal changes, hormonal disorders, stress, and environmental factors. Shedding hair causes negative psychological states in the person. Hair transplantation is performed for the related reason. Hair transplant gives the person a young and lively appearance.


There are multiple methods for hair transplantation. Among the related methods, fue hair transplantation is one of the most preferred. The reason for this is that an effective result is obtained from the relevant procedure. It is known that the sessions of this method take a long time.

About Fue Hair Transplantation

This process was first applied in Japan in 1988. The aforementioned method took place in the medical literature in 2002. The related method is now widely used in various parts of the world. In FUE hair transplantation, no incision is made on the scalp. And no piercing is applied on the scalp.

What are the Preferred Reasons for Fue Hair Transplantation?

  • Easy to apply.
  • İşlem lokal anestezi ile yapıldığı için kısa sürmektedir. Bu yüzden hızlı saç ekimi yaptırmak isteyenler tarafından ilgili işlem tercih edilmektedir.
  • Provides a natural look
  • High rate of lasting effect.
  • Since the nape and ear tops are chosen as the donor area, the permanence rate increases. Because the rate of hair loss in these areas is very low.
  • Easy operation.
Things to Do Before Fue Hair Transplantation

There are things that the person needs to do in order for the operation to be successful. These matters are as follows;

  • The hair to be treated must be clean and not oiled.
  • Chemicals such as gel, hair spray, mousse should not be present in the hair.
  • Alcohol should not be used for a few weeks before the operation.
  • Smoking should be reduced 1 week in advance.
  • Before the procedure, work that will tire the body should not be done for a few days.
  • It is recommended to come to the operation full.

Hair Transplant Construction

Hair transplantation is the definitive solution for people who have hair loss problems or conditions that cause hair loss. Hair does not grow where the hair follicle is not active. Hair follicles are transplanted with microsurgical methods where hair does not grow. This is called hair transplantation. The patient’s own hair is added to the parts where hair does not grow with these procedures. Hair transplantation is personalized, designed and applied accordingly.

What is Hair Transplantation?

The hair used in hair transplantation is mostly taken from the hair on the back of the patient’s neck, which is more prone to hair loss. The hair is transplanted into the channels opened from the parts where there is no hair. The aim of the operations is to ensure that the transplanted hair has a natural and permanent appearance. Hair transplant operation is a small procedure. Performing it in a hospital environment is one of the most reliable ways.


Who Can Have Hair Transplantation?

Individuals from the age of 19-20 who do not have any health problems and have follicles in the donor area can have it done.

Physical development is complete,

Unless you have a physiological disease,

If there is enough hair with the appropriate structure,

If there is a suitable area for hair transplantation, hair transplantation can be performed on you.

How is Hair Transplantation Performed with Fue Method?

Hair transplantation is frequently performed today. Since it is not a serious surgical operation, patients decide to undergo hair transplantation comfortably. In the FUE technique, the hair is taken one by one and transplanted to the area where there is no hair. The hair with donor area is shortened by 1 mm and the procedure is started. Local anesthesia is applied to both the place where the hair follicle is taken and the place where hair transplantation is applied. Hair is added in accordance with the hair growth.

Before the tissue is removed, close work with the stem cell is carried out.

There are no cuts or stitches where the hair is removed. Only small abrasions occur and these abrasions close within a few days.

It is also used in places such as eyebrows, mustache and beard.

Slight pain may occur at the end of the operation. However, this technique is preferred because of the short recovery time.

In the 6th month, the hair develops in a way that attracts attention. However, after 1-1.5 years, it takes its full hair shape. There is no hair loss in the transplanted hair. Since it is the person’s own hair, there is no color or length difference.

Stages of Fue Method

  1. – The hair in the part selected as the donor area is shortened to 1 millimeter.
  2. The hair in the part selected as the donor area is shortened to 1 millimeter.
  3. Subsequently, hair follicles are taken one by one from the donor area.
  4. The hair follicles taken are implanted in the area to be treated.

What is Hair Transplantation? What is the Cost of Hair Transplantation in Turkey?

Hair transplantation is one of the most important methods to solve the problem of people who experience baldness or sparseness after hair loss.


 Hair cannot grow in areas where the hair follicle dies and cannot revive. This causes the hair to appear bald or sparse. 


Thanks to hair transplantation, healthy hair follicles are surgically placed in these areas. Healthy hair follicles, which are usually located on the nape of the neck of the person, are implanted and thus a natural looking and healthy appearance is achieved. 


Men who are uncomfortable with the sparse appearance of not only hair but also beard and mustache can also have beard and mustache transplantation.


What Causes Hair Loss and Baldness?

The main cause of hair loss and baldness is usually genetic. It is seen that people with baldness problems in their family experience more baldness. However, genetics is not the only cause. Many reasons such as advancing age, unhealthy diet, chronic diseases, hormonal disorders, environmental effects, drug use can cause baldness or hair loss.

  • Extreme Continuous Stress
  • Genetic
  • DHT hormone
  • Diseases that lower the immune system

Who Can Have a Hair Transplant?

Anyone who experiences hair loss, baldness or thinning hair can have a hair transplant. 

Although it seems that only men can have hair transplantation because baldness is usually experienced by middle-aged men, women can also have hair transplantation. Generally, anyone over the age of 20, who does not have a disease that will prevent hair transplantation and whose graft number is sufficient can have a hair transplant. Those who have serious health problems but want to have a hair transplant should first consult with their own specialist doctor and the specialist doctor who will perform hair transplantation.

What is the Cost of Hair Transplantation in Turkey?

The cost of hair transplantation in Turkey varies depending on the location and the condition of the person. Hair transplant operations should be performed by specialized teams and institutions.

 Ariana Health Center, which has an experienced team of specialists where the latest modern medical methods are performed by experts, is one of the best in this field. Patients who are afraid or panicked about having a hair transplant are explained the whole process with details, risks and advantages, and a special process is designed for the patient.

 Ariana Health Center, which performs not only hair but also mustache, beard and beard transplantation with its professional and experienced teams, offers the best service to its patients.

How is Hair Transplantation Performed?

Many modern medical methods have been developed for hair transplantation. The most preferred ones are FUE and DHI. FUE is generally the most preferred and up-to-date method. In the FUE method, which provides a natural and scarless appearance, the hair is transplanted according to its natural growth direction. This method does not cause hair loss or shedding again. The person does not experience much blood loss or pain during transplantation. The most important feature is that the transplanted hair looks quite natural. The absence of any stitch marks is also one of its advantages.

Although the DHI method is the same as FUE, there are some differences. The hair is placed in a special pen called choi pen and hair is transplanted to the area. This method is a bit risky and should therefore be performed by experts in the field.

Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant Turkey Price List

Operation Time1-8 Hours
AnesthesiaLocal Anesthesia
Price2000$ 5000$