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Hair transplant in turkey

under local anesthesia, which is applied as a solution to the problem of hair loss that can be seen in both men and women, is an aesthetic surgical procedure that offers a definite and permanent solution to hair loss. Hair transplantation can be performed with FUT (Follicular unit transplantation), FUE (Follicular unit extraction) and DHI (Direct hair transplantation) methods. However, today, the FUE technique is the most preferred technique among these methods both in the world and in our country and is mainly applied in hair transplantation operations.

FUT Technique

FUT, which is considered the oldest hair transplantation technique today, started to be used in the 90s. In the FUT technique, after applying local anesthesia, the hair follicles are cut together with the skin from the donor area and the cut strips are divided into pieces and placed in the areas to be planted. 

FUE Technique

In the FUT technique, stitches are placed on the incision areas. In the FUE technique, which is a more modern technique, long incisions are not made and sutures are not used as in the FUT technique. Hair follicles are taken from the area that covers the back of the head and the nape, known as the permanent region, and transplanted into the channels opened in the bald areas one by one.

Hair transplant in turkey can be applied to completely bald or sparse areas. Since the donor area from which the hair to be transplanted is taken is genetically coded not to fall out, the transplanted hair becomes permanent for life. In the FUE technique, the donor area from which the hair follicles will be taken should be shaved just before the operation. 

The required number of grafts are removed from the donor area using a motorized 0.7 – 0.9 millimeter diameter round scalpel called a punch. The collected grafts are examined under a microscope, grouped according to their types and made ready for planting in the bald area. The grafts, which may contain 1, 2 or 3 hair follicles, are placed in the micro-slits opened under local anesthesia using a special tweezer in the area to be transplanted. With this method, the direction of hair growth can be adjusted to create more natural results and the collected hair follicles can be placed in the most ideal way. 

In this way, the image that occurs when the hair grows looks more natural and aesthetic.

The hair transplant operation first starts with the graft removal process, which takes 2 to 3 hours, and the patient lies face down during this time. The grooving and sowing process may take 2 to 4 hours, depending on the number of grafts to be planted. During this time, the patient lies on his back. After the operation, the patient can return home on foot and continue his daily life.

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In the DHI method, grafts are collected with a medical pen called Choi. The grafts taken from the donor area are transplanted directly onto the skin without making an incision and opening the canal. 

Hair Transplant İn İstanbul

The transplanted eyebrows start to grow after an average of 3 months and take their final shape within 1 year. In the first year, the eyebrows will grow as fast as the hair, as they will show the characteristics of the donor area. As their ends get longer, they need to be trimmed with scissors. Before After 12 years, the transplanted follicles begin to gain eyebrow characteristics, their growth rate slows down and the need for trimming is reduced.

Hair transplantation in Turkey

Hair is one of the important factors in a person’s external image.  Hair loss differs for men and women, there are many factors in hair loss. These reasons are listed below.

  • Stress
  • Air pollution
  • Nutrition
  • Vitamin deficiency
  • Diseases that affect the immune system

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Why Hair Transplant in Turkey.

Hair transplant in Turkey has been serving extensively since the past years. The advantages of hair transplantation in Turkey are listed below.

  • Reasonable price
  • Experience
  • Tourism
  • Experienced Staff

Male Pattern Hair Loss

Male pattern hair loss is the opening of the hair from the front of the temple to the middle parts of the head. Hair loss is often seen in men. There is no permanent solution to hair loss other than hair transplantation. Although there are many different methods such as shampoos, dermo rollers, PRP, it only delays hair loss.

What is Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation is the transplantation process of hair follicles. Only the patient’s hair is used. It is the transfer of the donor area (back of the hair) to the places where there is hair loss.

Appropriate Age for Hair Transplantation 

The appropriate age for hair transplantation is between 20-55 years. At these ages, the area with shedding or thinning is determined and hair transplantation is performed. Hair loss at early ages is seen in many of our young patients. It is done by planting 1-2 cm behind the area to be transplanted.

Hair Transplantation in Turkey with Ariana Hair Clinic

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