Hair Transplantation in Celebrities

Hair Transplantation in Celebrities

Celebrities are faced with hair loss problems. For the celebrities you see on television every day, your external vision is very important. Celebrities who have hair loss and baldness problems apply for hair transplantation. Which celebrities have had a hair transplant.

Oktay Kaynarca Hair Transplant

Oktay Kaynarca is among the most prominent celebrities who have had a hair transplant. Oktay Kaynarca’s hair transplant operation was performed in the temple area. When Oktay Kaynarca had a hair transplant, he had a serious hair loss problem.

Murat Boz Saç Ekimi

Murat Boz is among the celebrities who have had hair transplants. Murat Boz had his hair transplant done in a clinic abroad. 42-year-old Murat Boz used to use prosthetic hair before.

Mustafa Ceceli Saç Ekimi

Mustafa Ceceli had a hair transplant. Ceceli, who had been using prosthetic hair before, had a hair transplant at the age of 42.

Mustafa Ceceli - Vikipedi

Nejat Isler Hair Transplant

Nejat İşler was the most notable among the celebrities. Nejat İşler had his hair transplant done 4 years ago.

Nejat İşler'den Galatasaray eleştirisi - Spor - ODATV

Oğuzhan Koç Hair Transplant

Oğuzhan Koç used prosthetic hair for a long time before she had a hair transplant, then she got rid of the baldness problem by having hair transplant to regain her thinning hair.

Oğuzhan Koç'tan saç itirafı! Oguzhan Koç saç ektirdi mi ilk kez açıkladı- Son Dakika Magazin Haberleri

Yalın Saç Ekimi

Among the celebrities who had a bare hair transplant very early, the artist, who had the hair transplant done without waiting for his hair to fall out, realized the risk beforehand.

Yalın yeni şarkısını ilk kez seslendirdi - Magazin haberleri

Tamer Karadağlı Saç Ekimi

The master actress is among those who apply for hair transplantation due to openings in the crown and forehead.

Tamer Karadağlı kimdir, nereli ve kaç yaşında? Tamer Karadağlı hayatı hakkında

Saç Ekimi Yaptıran Yabancı Ünlüler

Elon Musk Hair Transplant

Elon Musk, who has come to the fore with the purchase of tesla, spacex and twitter in recent years, is among the celebrities who have hair problems.

Elon Musk - Vikipedi

David Beckham Hair Transplant

Beckham is the most notable among the celebrities who have had a hair transplant. After his career as an English football player, he continues as a model.

Before David Beckham had a hair transplant, the upper parts of his hair were completely thin.


Wayne Roney

Wayne Rooney, who has been suffering from baldness since her 20s, had a hair transplant in 2011. After the hair transplant, it is as if her hair has never been lost.

Wayne Rooney saç ekimi

Ben Affleck

The famous hollywood actor started with male pattern hair loss at the age of 30. The famous actor who had a hair transplant secretly continues to appear in films.


Jimmy Carr

Comedian Jimy Carr decided to have a hair transplant due to the problem of hair loss in the temple area. After that, he had a hair transplant done in a clinic in England.

Jimmy Carr (@jimmycarr) / Twitter

Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson, who has shown her mastery with action and thriller films, is among the foreign celebrities who applied to hair transplantation with the problem of hair loss at an early age.

Mel Gibson - Vikipedi

Jude Law

There is no clear information about the fact that he had a hair transplant, but in the before and after pictures, it is clearly seen that he had a hair transplant.

Jude Law - Rotten Tomatoes

Tom Hanks

The 2 Oscar-winning actress is among the celebrities who experience discomfort with her appearance. The famous actress who had a hair transplant gained a serious appearance even though she was in her 60s.

Tom Hanks, Yalnızca Dört Filminin İyi Olduğunu Düşünüyor - Haberler -

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