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Organic Hair Transplant Processes

The practice that brings natural solutions to the problem of baldness and hair thinning, which many people experience in our daily lives, is called organic hair transplantation. In this application, stem cells are obtained by using the person’s own fat tissue and injected into areas without hair. As a result, by using completely natural methods, a great improvement in the hair roots will be achieved.

organik saç ekimi

When we look at it in general, one of the most important points in hair transplantation is not to make the area to be planted suitable for the transplantation process. Hair transplantation is a kind of transplantation process. In this case, the better the quality of the transplanted hair follicles and the seed to be transplanted, the more successful the hair transplant process will be.

The results of organic hair transplantation methods are successful up to 90%. Accordingly, organic hair transplantation produces more effective results compared to the classical method.

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Before Hair Transplant

You have decided to have organic hair transplantation and you have started not counting the days for the procedure. Here are the things to consider before organic hair transplantation;

  • You should stop smoking at least 24 hours before the application. Likewise, you should not consume coffee. In this case, you should stay away from all kinds of drinks and solid foods that contain caffeine.
  • You should stay away from all harmful substances, including alcohol, from 7 days before the application.
  • If you have a chronic disease, be sure to inform your doctor about the medications you use.
  • Blood thinners, beta-blockers, antidepressants and MAO inhibitors should be discontinued 15 days before the application.
  • Do not apply any substance to your hair or scalp before or after the application.
  • Make sure to wash your hair before the application.
  • Do not be hungry during the application, but do not be too full.

How Organic Hair Transplantation Is Done?

  1. There are many different stages of organic hair transplantation, which produces extremely effective and successful results. These stages are as follows, respectively.
  2. The fat taken from the patients’ own tissues is enriched with stem cells. After that, the area where the procedure will be applied is made extremely sterile. The resulting mixture is injected into the skin.
  3. After all these procedures, the injected area will swell, the tissues will be nourished, and then a wonderful result will be achieved.
  4. After the area to be transplanted is treated, the hair cells are transplanted very carefully.

The most important factor to be considered during the planting of stem cells is the process of planting the hair at an angle. The aim is to increase the number of hairs that will grow and to obtain a more natural looking hair.

organik saç ekimi

Importance of Organic Hair Transplant

Importance of Organic Hair Transplant

The mixture prepared with the oil taken from the patient nourishes the tissues in a healthy way, prepares the ground needed by the hair cells and helps the hair flow process to be easy. In addition, since the wet person’s own oil is used, the nutrition process is carried out in a very natural way without resorting to any chemical means. However, for a more vibrant and longer-lasting hair, you should definitely apply for organic hair transplantation.

In general, this method, which is carried out with the latest technological applications, produces extremely healthy and effective results. In classical hair transplantation stages, only the patient’s healthy hair follicles are targeted and grafts are taken and then transplanted to the hair-deprived area. However, due to insufficient nourishment of the hair follicles in this area, baldness is skipped.

With organic hair transplantation methods, the scalp is fed, the newly transplanted hair is kept strong and it is aimed to increase the retention rates. Since the bald area is emptied, there is no area to feed the hair cells. As a result, the probability of hair clinging will decrease.

In classical hair transplantation methods, some chemicals are injected into the areas to be planted in order to facilitate hair transplantation. However, no chemicals are used in any process of organic hair transplantation.

 Organik Saç Ekiminin Avantajları

Advantages of Organic Hair Transplant

With the stem cell injection used in organic hair transplantation method, many benefits are provided to the patient. Advantages of organic hair transplantation method;

  • Organic hair transplantation areas are made more efficient.
  • It makes the organic hair transplant process even easier.
  • It is provided to work in the area where hair will be transplanted without using any chemicals.
  • Retention rates are increased by feeding the newly transferred hair follicles.
  • After organic hair transplantation, positive results of up to 96% are achieved.
  • After organic hair transplantation, it becomes easier to grow more vibrant, healthier and long-lasting hair.

One of the most important advantages of the organic hair transplant method is that it eliminates regional oiling problems. At this point, for the fat injection enriched with stem cells, the areas where the person has regional adiposity are targeted. In men, especially in the abdomen, hips, hips and belly regions, regional lubrication is too much. This method creates very different changes to both the hair and form of the person.

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After Organic Hair Transplant

After the organic hair transplant method, the healing processes are very short. Wounds that occur during hair transplantation also heal very quickly. With this method, the oily and nutritious mixture given to the tissues allows your skin to heal very quickly. In addition, lubrication, irritation and redness of the area before hair transplantation will be partially prevented.

This method, which will be applied to a soft area, will also prevent such problems. Since the hair transplantation process is opened, such problems will definitely occur, but these problems are reduced to less in organic hair transplantation. Organic hair transplantation method is the right choice for vibrant and permanent hair with a more natural appearance. There are some important factors to be considered after organic hair transplantation. These;

  • You should never lie on the hair transplant area for 2 weeks.
  • It is possible to lie on the nape areas that have been purchased.
  • Avoid contact of the hair transplant area with materials such as pillows and quilts.
  • All kinds of sports activities should be avoided for the first 2 weeks after hair transplantation.
  • Two weeks after natural hair transplantation, you can shorten your hair with scissors. However, other shavings are not done and 45 days must be waited.
  • In the first week after the application, substances such as blood thinners and vitamin E should not be used.
  • After this process, one should be more gentle while washing the hair and towel should not be used while drying.
  • When the area that is devoid of hair is made productive with the natural hair transplantation method, some processes are also experienced in the subcutaneous tissue. In fact, one of the reasons for hair loss in this area, which should be known, is the scalp, which is close to the bone.
  • In this case, the first goal in the method applied is to lubricate the lower part of the skin. The natural hair transplantation method, which achieves this goal, combines stem cells with other structures, provides new cell formation and makes the subcutaneous tissue extremely efficient.

The grafts planted in this process continue to live in the newly emerged areas as well as in the healthy areas at the exit sites. After this process, the hair follicles, which grow very strongly thanks to the regeneration mechanism of the stem cell, become more lush and healthy than the old hair.